Know our history and experience

Our main purpose is to reach the largest number of entrepreneurs globally so that they can create and innovate with their ideas and thus help more people.

A problem, a solution

Your idea

It all starts with an idea

Individually each of the members of our team has developed for different clients all over the world. It wasn't until Óscar Otero brought together the first team and brought together talents in different areas and disciplines.

LionSoft was born on August 1, 2020, with 7 members, and to date we have developed more than 70 apps.

All this with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs to have their own apps and take their ideas to another level, thanks to the Apphive platform we have helped many entrepreneurs to meet one of their goals.

We are not perfect


We keep growing thanks to you

We love challenges, that is why we have made many mistakes trying to innovate or do things differently, but we know that more than a difference, mistakes are things that unite us, entrepreneurs are distinguished by it.

With each Feedback we receive from each client and partner, we have become more sensitive to the needs of each entrepreneur.

Oscar Otero

CEO y Co-Founder

Family man and owner of important businesses in El Salvador.

Leo Gutierrez

COO y Co-Founder

Video game lover and current developer in a technology Start-Up

Where do you find us?

We are currently a 100% digital development agency, we do not have a customer service office, each developer does their work in their different locations, for now we have 7 developers distributed in Salvador, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru.

We are making sufficient arrangements to have our offices in California USA.


Our programmers are at:

El Salvador, Colombia, Bolivia, Perú.


Customer Support

+591 77663729

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